Our Story

Let the resurrection power of Christ give  you a NEW IMAGE   2 Corinthians 5:17

New Image Foundation was founded by Very Rev. Augustus Harry and Mrs. Sophia Gifty Awortwi in 2006. The Foundation was birthed out of the concern that guidance and counselling has the potential to enlighten the individual’s understanding and make them more useful in society.

Our experience as educationists has given us a great depth of insight into the impact of counselling. We have seen people encouraged and their self-esteem increase following a counselling session. Other people have experienced a transformational change from a state of hopelessness to hopefulness.

Sophia’s invitation to join the Girls’ Education Unit as the National Co-ordinator of the Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (STME) Clinic for Girls impelled the whole family to relocate from Kumasi to Accra. Concurrently, we were both promoted to the rank of Directors of Education.

The unfolding of events surrounding the relocation to Accra confirms God’s promise to us in Psalm 32:8 – I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” 

In February 2001, Sophia was made the Head of the Science Education Unit to promote the study of science nationwide. The Lord had blessings in store for us as there were openings and opportunities to attend Conferences and meetings in several countries.

The faithfulness of God in our lives over the years prompted us to consider the establishment of New Image Foundation as a non-governmental, non-profit counselling ministry that is now home based in Kumasi, Ghana.  It has the Registrar General’s registration number G. A8,482. The ministry is self-sustaining by our family members.

The Lord has granted us the grace to write the following books. To the glory of God, some of these books have become the counselling materials for New Image Foundation. They are:

  1. The Youth and Sex: A book for parents and young people”
  2. “Mind Your Environment: It is your life support”
  3. “The Reality of God”
  4. “Come, Lord Jesus”
  5. “Not Satisfied?- Be happy and confident with your natural self”

The main focus of New Image Foundation is the empowerment of the youth, pre-marital and post-marital counselling, entrepreneurial training, leadership training, educational consultation services and lifelong learning.

Sometimes we need someone to listen, sympathise and empathise with us. Many of us are more comfortable confiding in somebody we have confidence in and believe can offer useful advice and strategies for solutions to our problem. Therefore, we occasionally want the view of seasoned and experienced people to help in decision making in life. Listening to the experiences of others helps us to realise that our situation or problem is not peculiar; and this brings a sense of relief and satisfaction that there is a solution on the way.

The ministry took a higher level after we retired from active service and we had more time to offer counselling services to individuals and groups.

We currently receive invitations to institutions, youth groups, churches and individuals on various topics. In December 2012, we hosted a very successful Community Children’s Party and counselling session for over 200 children in the Ohwim Community in Kumasi.

We have received and seen many testimonies from people who received counselling from us over the years. These testimonies are a reflection that counselling brings newness of life, fruitful lives and transformational future.